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Martinette Snyman

Martinette has a need for speed as well as quiet reflection. She not only gets excited watching motor racing and live burnouts, on the flip, she relaxes by gardening or painting. This juxtaposition of interests balances out the skills she brings when guiding her clients through the process of either buying or selling their home. 

As a born and bred South African, Martinette also speaks Afrikaans. She has lived in WA since 2006, and has had 12 years experience working in aged care. 

Whether it’s observing cars negotiating racetracks, or where and how to place the latest brushstroke on a painting, Martinette’s eagle eye hones her negotiation skills. Her aim is to make buying and selling your home a seamless, and stress-free experience for all. 

Whether you’re looking for your very first home, selling your much loved family home or securing the perfect addition to your property portfolio, Martinette Snyman is the agent for you.

“Martinette Snyman, taking the stress out of buying or selling your home” 

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