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Rowade Hilwa

Rowade is cooking up a storm in real estate. Well, that’s a play on words as he also owns two businesses with food at its core – a restaurant and bar in Rockingham, serving Middle Eastern Cuisine, hailed from his Syrian/Lebanese heritage. He still goes there regularly to check up on what’s happening, staying connected with his local community and customers.

He’s taking a back seat on this part of his life, and now he’s upfront in the driver’s seat when it comes to looking after residential and commercial sales. He understands the Rockingham area well, having lived there since 2002. His hands-on business knowledge helps him to relate to fellow business owners.

He’s also savvy with the social media platforms where Opal properties are listed, enabling him to respond quickly to enquiries on a daily basis. 

Rowade received his Real Estate license in 2015 and has been working in the industry full-time since 2018. Prior to this he worked in construction and mining in the logistics industry which has given him a broad understanding of the complexities of business.

“Rowade Hilwa, driving residential and commercial sales”   

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