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Teesha McMillan

“…  Hats off to Teesha. She’s the most friendly and proactive leasing agent we’ve ever had….. Happy to take the time to run me through every one of my questions and scenarios….”

“….as a first-time landlord, all the ins and outs were explained to me and she’s made it a lot easier for me to understand and manage…”

Not only has Teesha been in the real estate industry for 16 years, she’s also been nominated for many awards. She understands your community from a sporting level too, volunteering and supporting the local Rockingham Sharks Rugby Club.

Whether it’s running after a cheeky 4-year old, exploring the adventurous outdoors, or swiftly dealing with the issues that crop up when leasing and managing rentals, Teesha is constantly on the move. 

Make the right move, call Teesha from Opal.

“Teesha McMillan, understanding the ins and outs of leasing and managing your property” 

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